Binary Large Erlang Dump

Miguel Barreiro Paz <>
Thu Jan 9 10:22:01 CET 2003

> What is the Erlang way to serialize/pickle a large stream of Erlang
> terms?  We have these Erlang processes spitting out vast amounts of
> Erlang terms that we would like to capture on disk for later playback.
> We're talking about 20 MB per hour at least.  So we figure we'll create
> one file every 20 minutes.  But we just started using Erlang and have no
> idea what the best serialization format is.

	In my humble erlang experience, 20 MB per hour is very far from
"vast amounts" of data as far as Erlang is concerned. Now, 20MB per
second, that would be something :-)

	Erlang is certainly not C in execution speed, but in general terms
you shouldn't worry too much about speed. Not at least until you have
proven that you do have performance problems.



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