Fw: Visualization tools for Erlang/OTP programs?

Thomas Arts <>
Thu Jan 9 09:29:05 CET 2003

Hi Suresh

> I have down loaded This Visualization tool
> Is there any of the documentation work on this tool
> which better explains how to make use of this tool

There's not much documentation for this software, I
used it for my own pleasure. There are some explaining
lines of comment in the code, I hope. The principle is
rather simple, though. You interpret the code by using
erlang's eval module. The eval module is changed in
such a way that every "spawn" (gen_server:start etc) returns
the command to the caller of the evaluator, instead of
really spawning the process.
One starts with the supervisor node and evaluates all children
upto the spawn moment. Recursively for all child supervisors.
Dead-easy, but gives for well written code a nice picture for
a certian CONFIGURATION! You have to initialize the supervision
tree with certain values, thus you get one instance of the system.

Jan Nyström, previously doing a PhD at Uppsala university,
also worked on a visualization tool. You might ask him for
his version, which has the same ideas in the background,
but is more elaborated then my version.


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