Heart problem with dist_ac-example

Jani Launonen <>
Wed Jan 8 21:56:25 CET 2003


I've been studying Ulf's distributed application controller example
http://www.erlang.org/ml-archive/erlang-questions/200212/msg00009.html and
reading manuals to understand it's structure. I tried to amuse myself with
making the two nodes required by the example to restart in case of crash by
heart. Unfortunately, something doesn't go quite right as I got the next
kind of message:

(at node n2 after applications have started and I'm about to signal kill to
the beam to crash it):
=PROGRESS REPORT==== 8-Jan-2003::22:20:46 ===
         application: erlyhack_map_app
          started_at: ''
:~/temp/dist_ac> heart: Wed Jan  8 22:22:24 2003: Erlang has
Kernel pid terminated (application_controller) (shutdown)
heart: Wed Jan  8 22:22:39 2003: Executed "/usr/local/bin/erl -name
 -boot /home/jabba/temp/dist_ac/releases/1.0/hack -config
/home/jabba/temp/dist_ac/releases/1.0/sys". Terminating."

I've set up HEART_COMMAND as
export HEART_COMMAND='/usr/local/bin/erl -name  -boot /home/jabba/temp/dist_ac/releases/1.0/hack -config /home/jabba/temp/dist_ac/releases/1.0/sys'

and started the node by manually by command:
erl -name  -boot /home/jabba/temp/dist_ac/releases/1.0/hack -config /home/jabba/temp/dist_ac/releases/1.0/sys -heart

Here's the erl_crash.dump's first lines (the whole dump is
compressed and attached):
"<Erlang crash dump>
Wed Jan  8 22:22:38 2003

Slogan: Kernel pid terminated (application_controller) (shutdown)

Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.2
Compiled on Fri Dec 13 17:30:24 2002

Process Information
<0.0.0> Running. Registered as: init
Spawned as: otp_ring0:start/2
Message queue (1 message):
Link list: [<0.4.0>,<0.2.0>]
Reductions 4854 heap_sz 121393 old_heap_sz=28657
Heap unused=120759 OldHeap unused=28657
Stack dump:
program counter = 0x83a230c (init:sleep/1 + 32)
cp = 0x839fc08 (init:things_to_string/1 + 68)

0x40243c78 Return addr 0x83A02EC (init:boot_loop/2 + 1412)

0x40243c7c Return addr 0x815E448 (<terminate process normally>)
y(0)     []
y(1)     {state,[{'-root',[<<21 bytes>>]},{'-progname',[<<3
<<11 bytes>>]},{'-name',[<<12 bytes>>]},{'-boot',[<<42
y(2)     <0.1.0>

If I understand it, stdlib could not be loaded. I just cannot understand
why. Manually executing the HEART_COMMAND works just ok, so I'm bit puzzled
with this. Propably it's just something simple, that I just cannot find by
myself. If you know the problem or can point to a direction, please help

Thank you,

Jani Launonen
Student. . . . . . . . . .University of Oulu, Dept. of EE
Assistant Researcher . . .Apricot Project

"Computing is a field which has one of the shortest collective memories
of any engineering or scientific discipline." - Marty Fouts, comp.distributed
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