Error when running boot script of an application

Suresh S <>
Wed Jan 8 11:51:11 CET 2003

Hi ,

i had generated a boot script for my application,
but when i run that boot script this error is seen.

[ 1.0]# erl -boot ./entry -boot_var
SamApp Dir
Erlang (BEAM) emulator version [source]

Eshell V5.0.1.1  (abort with ^G)
=INFO REPORT==== 8-Jan-2003::21:10:58 ===
    application: entry
    exited: "invalid return value from
entry_app:start(normal,[]) -> {'EXIT',{undef,\n       
    type: permanent
{'Kernel pid
Kernel pid terminated (application_controller)

What may be the solution probobly 

Thanking u in advance 

suresh s

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