Visualization tools for Erlang/OTP programs?

Kent Boortz <>
Sat Jan 4 04:49:36 CET 2003

Has anyone tested any general visualization tools to describe
Erlang/OTP programs, i.e. to visually describe the supervision,
process structure, messages, state etc? Like "ROOM Diagrams"?
Any success, i.e. was the the time it takes to draw them worth it in
your case? Do you find the visualization useful in the design phase
before coding or as a way to create internal design documumentation?

Are any of the nine types of diagrams defined in UML usable for
describing Erlang/OTP programs?

Do you use any free or commercial drawing tools that you recommend for
drawing diagrams to describe Erlang/OTP programs?

The only drawings I have done myself is ascii drawings of the
supervision structure, I'm just curious about what others do and if
there is any potential for creating visual programming tools to
generate Erlang programs or part of Erlang programs like processes
that use gen_fsm,



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