Happy New Year and continued Erlang Hacking

Valentin <>
Fri Jan 3 07:58:22 CET 2003

> The other day, I checked the erlang.org statistics, and
> could observe that Erlang/OTP R9B has been downloaded nearly
> 10,000 times already. November 2002 seems to have been the
> most active month ever.

Wish you all good health and happiness for you and your families...
I've noticed only few e-mails with 'co.za' extension, and would like to find
out how many of us (us meaning Fellow Erlangers, as Ulf nicely put it) live
and makes living in South Africa. The major problem with ERLANG as I see it
can be summarized in one sentence:

As much as I can live with the risk of being run-over by a truck tomorrow, I
cannot expect the same level of tolerance from my customers.

I tend to think that what is important to me, might be important to others
as well, so how about getting together and figuring out ways and means for
cooperation and growth. You never know, we might just build up a critical
mass required for a success of ERLANG down here.

Valentin Micic
Principal Consultant
Pharos Consulting (Pty) Ltd.
South Africa.

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