Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Thu Feb 27 17:11:45 CET 2003

Ulf Wiger <etxuwig@REDACTED> writes:

> On 27 Feb 2003, Luke Gorrie wrote:
> >Can any of you guys at Ericsson get into the Jungerl
> >through your firewall? If not I'm keen to help sort it out.
> It scares me to think that someone at Nortel is capable of
> messing with our firewall at Ericsson... ;-)

I was thinking of tweaking configs at sourceforge. Honest. :-)

> I know Björn G is able to use SourceForge from his network,
> but I've not been able to do it from mine. I started
> thinking that it was just I who was incompetent, but when I
> tried it at home (from cygwin, even), it worked like a
> charm.
> Now, I try not to work too much when I'm at home... (:

The basic firewall requirement should be to let SSH through, since
it's the usual transport for CVS on sourceforge. I would guess this is
being blocked by your firewall.

Two other less attractive possibilities:

Anonymous (read-only) access uses a different port (2401), so it may
get through even if SSH is blocked. For anonymous access, you'd use
this cvsroot:


And would need to "cvs -d :pserver:... login" with an empty password,
just the once, before doing any checkouts.

Yet less attractive, you can download a daily snapshot of the whole
CVS repository from:


Then unpack that and do a checkout from it locally.

In both of those cases, you'd need to make diffs and commit them from
some machine that has access.

Also, I'll probably be laughed at for this, but I just asked the
sourceforge guys to consider accepting SSH connections on port 80 of
cvs.sourceforge.net. Disgusting.


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