Erlang vs Linux

Mike Williams mike@REDACTED
Wed Feb 26 15:54:56 CET 2003

In article <>,
 micke@REDACTED (Michael Fogeborg) writes:
|> Has anyone here seen an analysis explaning why and how Linux
|> came to what it is;  where this ( Linux ) is compared to Erlang and
|> finally how the same thing ( that happened to Linux )  can be made
|> to happen with Erlang ?

It will happen, but it will take longer. Linux {is,was}n't new technoplogy it is 
very much Unix based. Many people have been exposed to Unix and to adopt
Linux is a trivial mental operation.

Erlang requires more of a mental effort to adopt. 

[functional, concurrent, distribution, symbolic, ha, dynamic_typing]

Even the dedicated advocates of functional programming will find something
the hate in this list (maye the last element? :-)

However the need for building distributed concurrent, reliable (HA or  7 * 24)
systems is becoming more and more apparent and people are learning how difficult
this is to do with convential languages.

That leaves us with [functional, dynamic_typing]



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