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Miguel Barreiro Paz enano@REDACTED
Tue Feb 25 19:55:06 CET 2003

> Well so do I, sorta, as well, and this is where my personality starts to
> split apart.. My natural instinct is towards the chaos model, but the
> manager in me knows what a thin line we tread when we deploy these 2 week
> creations into our GSM network that millions of customers rely on.
> All that it would take is one major service outage at the wrong time for
> folks to start asking difficult questions (and we do seem to be generating a
> few places who would be happy to see us shut down along the way).

After the Airtel Vodafone outage last thursday[1], we have to be a bit
careful here talking about Erlang as "heavy-duty, used by Ericsson to
build switching control systems..." and the like, or risk angry sarcasm.
Even if it was not Ericsson's fault at all (which I don't know) and Erlang
was not used in the system at all (which I don't know, either).

[1] A software problem during a software upgrade in an Ericsson switch at
the Vodafone backbone took down the entire Vodafone network in Spain (8.7
million customers). No more details are publicly known.

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