Welcome to the Jungerl!

Mikael Karlsson <>
Tue Feb 25 15:20:10 CET 2003

Tue 25 februari 2003 07 Luke Gorrie wrote:
> Mikael Karlsson <> writes:
> > 2. Some libs, like xmerl,  has a later version in another cvs repository
> >     under sourceforge. How will they be kept in sync? What happens
> >     if anyone updates the one under jungerl. Will the admin of the other
> >     one see to it that they are in sync, or shall we expect them to
> > diverge, or shall they all go under the jungerl tree?
> I hadn't realised that xmerl was already on sourceforge. Which project
> is it in?


There are several other useful modules there too.


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