GUI & ex11

Mikael Karlsson mikael.karlsson@REDACTED
Tue Feb 25 15:01:56 CET 2003

Would you make use of the X Render extension
and xft2 library for font handling? I would think that
to be a good idea if you want nice looking fonts.


tisdag 25 februari 2003 08:53 skrev Vlad Dumitrescu (EAW):
> Hi all,
> After all the debate about GUIs (which I hope isn't over yet :-) I came to
> think about one thing that is actually rather obvious, but hey, I'm not
> from the Unix world!
> <idea> The language that Joe was looking for might very well be the X11
> protocol! </idea> Especially since there is a XPrint extension and also
> XFree86/Cygwin works on Windows.
> Now I started converting Tobbe's old ex11 package to use the binary format
> (I'm one third through it), but am wondering why didn't anyone else thought
> about it before... Is there anything wrong with the approach? I can't see
> any showstoppers. Then one can start building a Xtoolkit entirely in Erlang
> :-)
> Tobbe: I thought I would add ex11 to Jungerl, is this okay?
> best regards,
> Vlad

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