-include_lib directive in R9B-0 ? (was: Make Error for BTT 3.1)

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Tue Feb 25 09:35:13 CET 2003

Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@REDACTED> writes:

> I had this problem too. It seem that the include_lib directory is not
> working properly on R9B-0.
> I do not know if this is a bug or another kind of side effect.
> You can change btt.erl to -include directly the httpd.hrl file from
> where it reside on your system.
> Does anyone know if this could be an Erlang R9B-0 bug ?

Me and Martin just had this problem in Jungerl and tracked it down: in
R9B-0, the 'erlc' command sometimes uses the stand-alone-erlang 'ecc'
as the backend. Unfortunately, ecc is not fully compatible -
include_lib doesn't work properly.

It would be great if this can be fixed in the upcoming R9B update,
even if just to disable ecc-in-erlc until it can be fixed!

In Jungerl, I just checked in an ugly workaround to add '-pa /fake'
always as an argument to erlc, since this trips a flag in erlc
(erts/etc/common/erlc.c) to say that it won't use ecc as the backend.

The offending line in our case was:


And we see that Vance Shipley has had the same problem with an eva


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