About the Handler in gen_event

Suresh S sureshsaragadam@REDACTED
Mon Feb 24 13:54:19 CET 2003

Hi Ulf,

> If you're not doing so already, you should run your
> tests
> with the SASL application active. You can do this
> either by
> starting erlang with 'erl -boot start_sasl', or by
> calling
> application:start(sasl) in the shell of an already
> running
> system.

Hi have tested this module implementing gen_event,
When an event is notified to the event_mgr, it  is not
Even i started sasl also,
the gen_event:add_handler is success i.e callback
function init(_) is called. 
but when an event is notified gen_event:notify is
called the callback function handle_event is not

what may the problem?
Just please have a look at this module attached,

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