In gen_event, what functional diff does it makes for gen_event:notify & gen_event:call

Suresh S <>
Fri Feb 21 05:19:00 CET 2003

Hi Ulf,

> The {Module,Id} construct is for the case that you
> have lots
> of instances of similar handlers, and it's not
> practical, or
> even desired, to implement a module for each
> instance. Id
> can be anything that helps you tell the different
> handlers
> apart in your application.

I have one question left,
If i have 'N' events in a callback module to be
handled, i no need to have 'N' handlers ,

i can manage all the events with one handler, 
if it is the case,

when we have to think of more no of handlers in a
callback module.

suresh s 


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