Extending Erlang

Mike Williams <>
Thu Feb 20 11:11:08 CET 2003

In article <>,
  (Vlad Dumitrescu EAW) writes:

|> The idea would be that they would run inside the VM, just like a driver. 
|> The programming model would be different I think, but not so much more 
|> (the message box might be a notable exception).

C is an "unsafe" language. Running C processes inside the Erlang VM would
enable pointer errors in C to clobber anything else in the VM, stack and heaps
of Erlang processes, scheduler queue, atom table whatever. The whole philosophy
of Erlang (and OTP) is that processes should be independent of each other and not
capable of destroying each other.

It *might* be possible to have a combined Java / Erlang VM, but running
C processes is a no no.


(PS. yes, I know, you are about to mention linked-in drivers.....)

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