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Wed Feb 19 16:44:08 CET 2003

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Michael Fogeborg wrote:

> Does anyone know what universities use Erlang ?

Well, to begin with, at Uppsala we don't only have the HiPE project, but
I'm also teaching a course in basic distributed programming methods
where we use Erlang for the assignments. It allows the students to write
a lot more interesting applications, compared to "the usual" stuff like
making simple RPC calls (or using Java RMI) or implementing
2-phase-commit in C over sockets, etc. (God, that stuff is tedious!)

The current assignment is to write a completely distributed and
decentralized almost-unbreakable chat system using process groups and
with a GUI in GS. Oh, and a nameserver so you can publish your groups.
All in 8 weeks. Java, eat your heart out!


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