Musings on an Erlang GUI System.

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom <>
Tue Feb 18 13:20:21 CET 2003

>   Sure, but it's probably wishful thinking. Isn't there a
>   language called Logo that was designed to do just that?
>   IIRC, that's only used in schools -- upto the fourth grade.

The term language is used here not in the sense of a full blown
programming language, but a bit simpler, like formal languages
from computer science (you can use it for all sorts of computations, 
but it is that low level that it might not very comfortable to 
use for human programmers).

And such stuff is already used, like post script (which is a
language) and pdf (which is a simplified kind of postscript
with support for incremental loading) and display postscript 
and quartz (which seems to the display pdf for Mac OS X).


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