Musings on an Erlang GUI System.

Daniel Dudley <>
Mon Feb 17 20:10:19 CET 2003

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom wrote:
> >   > << Is it meaningful to use a common representation for screen
> >   > and paper UI?
> >
> >   IMHO, no.
> >
> >   > Aren't those media used for completely different
> >   > purposes?
> >
> >   IMHO, yes.
> Now you have a 72dpi canvas for drawing on the screen, and some
> 600dpi canvas for drawing on the paper.
> In 5 years you might have e-paper with a 300dpi canvas as screen.
> So those canvases operate on similiar scales.
> Of course the GUI, lets say an editor, and a printout, lets say
> the doc it edits would be two different "images".
> But why not use the same drawing commands for both?

Right, Marc. It seems I "pasted" wrongly. If you swap the
"no" and "yes" answers it will correlate well with my other
post, where I don't restrict myself to just "commands".

Thunk, thunk, thunk -- the sound of my head hitting the
you-know-what! ;) but also :( because it hurts.


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