Joe's GUID dreams vs. a Shoebox

Sanjay Mehta <>
Fri Feb 14 11:07:39 CET 2003

Jay Nelson wrote:

> I have a more fluid idea about information.  I collect it in
> little bits: newspaper clippings about new restaurants, or


I do exactly the same thing - but put the collections of paper 
into transparent plastic bags and toss them into a drawer. Makes
for interesting rummaging with the wife making sarcastic remarks
in parallel.
> On my Personal computer I want a digital shoebox.  I can throw

I have that - it's a directory roughly organized around a high
level category - e.g. documents related to erlang sit in 
reading/erlang. Some times they land up in reading/functional
or other more strange places.

I'd managed to somewhat make this usable by running the personal
version of Altavista Discovery on my PC and finding stuff by
doing a search on that directory. Unfortunately Altavista
quietly dropped this tool from their freebies section and that
last version doesn't seem to work on Windoze 2000. 


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