Is it reasonable to build VoIP system with erlang megaco?

Ulf Wiger <>
Thu Feb 13 17:19:23 CET 2003

Check out the AXD 301 telephony-over-packet media gateway.
I'm sure it fits the profile pretty well. Its control system
is mostly written in Erlang, and it uses e.g. OTP's H.248.

The Erlang/OTP platform is by far the best middleware you
can find for this kind of thing. I've not seen anything that
event comes close.


On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Farzin_B23 SOORI wrote:

>Dear Per;
>I am new to erlang.But i have some good experience in VoIP
>deployment;Specially i work in carrier grade level like as
>transmission the voice and signaling traffic of a high density
>telecomm switch on a IP based platform.Now i am in the selection
>phase of a real time and distributed platform to deploy my Megaco based VoIP
>system on top of it...
>So i want to ask you as a profession that , how much the erlang
>platform is hopefull for my goal? Is it scalable enough to develope
>a carrier grade system like the one i mentioned?why?
>Can you tell me some large scale and carrier grade applications
>developed with erlang so far?
>Which guys in ericsson are the most profession in erlang?
>thank you
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