big slowdown with shared-heap

Bengt Kleberg <>
Wed Feb 12 16:15:34 CET 2003

> To: 
> Subject: big slowdown with shared-heap
> From: Nicolas Niclausse <>

> I'm doing some experiments with a load testing tool, simulating lot's of
> http clients.
> When I use it with erlang-R9B-0 compiled with --enable-shared-heap,
> I can reach a maximum of ~270 req/s (on a Pentium3 800Mhz processor)
> Without --enable-shared-heap, i have reached 450 req/s
> So my question is: is this a bug or does the shared-heap's not well
> suited for this kind of load ? (currently, i have 2 erlang processes per


the one study of the subject matter that i can remember is:
A Case for the Unified Heap Approach to Erlang Memory Management,
by Marc Feeley.
available at


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