Process migration, was: Re: Extending arithmetic

Vlad Dumitrescu (EAW) Vlad.Dumitrescu@REDACTED
Wed Feb 12 10:44:10 CET 2003

> vd> An image that popped up in my mind was that we could send a
> vd> "freeze" command to a process and then be able to retrieve the
> vd> process heap. 
> ETS tables muck up the works, <<...snip...>>

Yes, all external references make this not work in the general case. Including external calls: is there a guarantee that there is a M:F(bla) in the new environment, and if yes, does it do the same thing?

So it has to be some kind of special kind of process, together with it's environment (or at least a description of it so that it will refuse to run in an incompatible one). Then modules shoud have some kind of signature; processes should only be referred by global names to avoid the pid-relaying problem; and many more other things...

A lot to think about! :-)

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