let me know the concept of gen_event behaviour

Suresh S sureshsaragadam@REDACTED
Wed Feb 12 07:50:11 CET 2003

Hi Vance 
> The key point to understand is that _every_ event handler is called for
> _every_ event. This being the case you probably don't want to have
> 1000 handlers. 

i got exactly what i want 

is this is the case please confirm,

1000 events call 'n' number of handlers 1000 times

1000 time we call Call Back Module (Event Manager ) for 1000 events !

> Please also understand that there is only one process here, that being
> the event manager. The event handler callbacks are run within the 
> same process.

All the 1000 events (1000 processes) run under single process Event Manager.


suresh s

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