Brain dump #2 - zope and grids and GUID's

Bob.Smart <>
Wed Feb 12 02:52:38 CET 2003

> 	- GUID server
> 	- Data Store
> 	- Relay

It is interesting how these interests parallel 
those of another net genius, Marhall Rose. See for a data store, 
and apex at I think Rose was also 
involved in Universal Resource Name work which 
is about GUIDs. Certainly the antacid replication 
system will need something like that.

There are GUIDs for people and it is natural to 
make them look like URLs, and to call them URNs. 
For lower level software MD5 or SHA1 hashes make 
good GUIDs if people never need to see them.

Behind Marshal Rose's work these days is BEEP 
(also at This could be nicely 
complementary to UBF: beep is about creating the 
conversation and UBF is about what flows over it. 
BEEP is nice because, among other things, it allows 
multiple simultaneous conversations. So the server 
can update the client when the information displayed 
to the client needs updating. This is crucial for 
workflow environments where multiple people and 
computer systems are working simultaneously on the 
same activity/game. Has anyone looked at BEEP for
Erlang? [BTW changing "BXXP" to "BEEP" was a disaster
because you can't sensibly search for "BEEP" on
Google or other search engines. Creators of new
systems please note!]


> BTW I can't access the OTP Article 

Correct link seems to be.

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