Hoare, Communicating Sequential Processes, and JCSP

Bjarne Däcker <>
Tue Feb 11 21:23:15 CET 2003


> Another oldie that I seriously enjoyed recently was _The Architecture
> of Concurrent Programs_ by Brinch-Hansen. It was published in 1977 and
> describes Concurrent Pascal and three actual tiny special-purpose
> operating systems written in it. Concurrent Pascal uses Monitors for
> communication and synchronization, but the programming style is much
> closer to Erlang than Java. As a long time Java guy, I found it very
> interesting to see what the original idea of monitors actually
> was. The whole approach has a very Wirth-like philosophy (I think Joe
> would like it if he hasn't already read it.)

I went to a Pascal conference in Southampton
in 1977 and Brinch-Hansen described Concurrent
Pascal. When asked what he thought of Modula
(that Wirth just had brought out), he replied that
you might do something clever but then "Claus"
would come with the worked-through elegant
version of it!


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