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Mon Feb 10 11:09:30 CET 2003

*  <> [2003-02-10 16:41:55 +1100]:

> To summarize: there is a whole area to be explored.
> The needs of the server inner core are such that
> Erlang/OTP is the ideal environment. The specific
> areas mentioned by Joe Armstrong would be important
> parts of any such system.


The erlang-projects site is now online.

Disclaimer: This is a very preliminary version of the site. We need help
to make it living. We will soon migrate content from Erlang-fr to this
web site.

The principle is simple: You create an account and then you can:
- Write/share document, URL, idea on your personnal area and ask for
  publication on the main site.
- Participate to the workgroup activity: This way you can share and
  modify documents that are written by the workgroup participant.
  Every site member can access workgroups read-only. If you are willing
  to participate, or become animator of the workgroup, you can drop me a

By the way, this show what is Zope about. The site if for the moment
running on top of Zope with an Apache Front End.

One of the goal of the Web development workgroup could be for exemple,
to migrate the site to a full Erlang solution. First step could be to
migrate the Apache front-end that is for the moment only use for
rewriting URL.
The next step could be to progressively replace some Zope or content
management functions.

Your comments are very welcome.
We can try to tweak the site behaviour to adapt to your needs.

Mickaël Rémond

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