Joakim G. <>
Mon Feb 10 10:42:50 CET 2003

Eric Merritt wrote:
> It doesn't look like to many people have voted on
> this. I for one would love to see some of these
> tutorials come into being. So if you havn't already. I
> encourage you to take a little time and vote on one.
> Better yet would be to write one :)

The problem may be that the majority of people on this list don't
need any tutorials. They are fluent enough in Erlang[/OTP] as it
is (at least they think so.)

Tutorials are more targeted on people not being members of this

We need to stay aware of the fact that the need for people on this
list and the need for the process aimed at extending the Erlang user
base is not always the same thing. You obviously knew this already.

The same thinking could be applied on how to promote (or not) the
use of OTP behaviours.

/Jocke "Just for the day: Evangelist"

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