Zope and Erlang (was Brain Dump #1)

Mickael Remond <>
Mon Feb 10 08:28:56 CET 2003

* Steven H. Rogers, PhD. <> [2003-02-08 15:28:08 -0600]:

[Regarding the idea of developping a Zope like application server in

> Before getting too far, we'd need some design goals and agreed upon 
> priorities.

I agree with you.
I think one of the most difficult point we should think about is how to
provide a way to allow "component" development in our framework.
Several solution are differently tackled by different framework. Zope
has a product based approach that allow to install code and then provide
a kind of "wizard" to instanciate the tool in a particular context. You
can this way add a component to your site: forum

Yesterday, we prepared with Thierry Mallard, the Erlang-projects
community web site.
It is nearly finished.
You will be able to create an account and start working on the server on
common documentation with others.
I propose to create a workgroup regarding the development of a zope like
application server in Erlang.

> >We could use Mnesia as a basis for a first prototype.
> >
> Why would we only use Mnesia for prototyping?

Well. we will see after the prototype if Mnesia actually fits our need,
but you are right that we may probably keep it for successive version of
the tool.
The only thing that might not fit is the capacity to handle huge
database (Terabytes). This could be a requirement for content management
site, but I think we can postponed this problem and simply use Mnesia
for now.

I hope this helps,

Mickaël Rémond

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