how to build a megaco-based distributed voip system with erlang?

Farzin_B23 SOORI <>
Sun Feb 9 10:50:58 CET 2003

Dear sir/mdm;
Thank you for good answer to my last question.At now i can
build a distributed sytem of erlang nodes.
Can you tell me in a step-by-step way to deploy a distributed
VoIP system based on megaco architecture.At the simplest state,
i want to have one MGC-user running on machine1 and one
MG-user running on machine2.How can i estabilish a connection
between them and how to test to be sure that the connection has been 
estabilished?How can i run some commands like ServiceChange and how to
check the reply of each user?and some other information that can make
it clear for me to build and evaluate my optional megaco-based VoIP
suppose that we are in a real environment , how can i really
make a connection through two analog phone or two class4/5 telecomm
switch for example?(based on erlang system)
Which factors are important to choose erlang platform to deploy
a carrier grade voip architecture? do you really think that erlang
is scalable enough to build such system? I want to know your personal 
idea!!! Take this to account that we are in a selection phase of
erlang platform to build our carrier grade voip system.
can you introduce for me some useful informational resources relating
to the above discussion?
Farzin Soori

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