Extending arithmetic

James Hague james@REDACTED
Sat Feb 8 23:12:33 CET 2003

someone wrote:
>Why not also add support for matrixes

Matrices aren't as straightforward an extension.  You're no longer 
dealing with a fundamental type--a tuple--but nested tuples in a 
particular format.  It could get messy quickly.

someone else wrote:
>Not to seem greedy, but if Erlang were to be
>extened to apply arithmetic operators to tuples,
>what about lists?  Even better would be 
>to handle any conformal 

I wondered about that as well.  You could certainly do it, but tuples 
are more self-contained than lists.  You can't tell up front if two 
lists have the same length, for example.  Tuples are the closest 
analog to arrays in J.


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