Brain Dump #1

Mickael Remond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Sat Feb 8 18:03:10 CET 2003

* Steven H. Rogers, PhD. <steve@REDACTED> [2003-02-08 07:38:14 -0600]:

> Essentially, you're proposing Zope "done right", or at least better with 
> Erlang.  This is a wonderful idea, and I'd be interested in participating.

So am I. But, we should not under estimate the difficulty. Zope is
mainly successfull as an application. The feature and the huge number of
applications and components are the key of its success.
The most sensible argument for running zope is because the application
you want to use is written for the Zope framework.

Zope is very flexible because it is built around its object database. We
could think about using a functional approach to that based on use of
anonymous functions. Basically type, structure and funs to create and
render the object, depending on their type. These could be configurable
by the platform administrator.
We could use Mnesia as a basis for a first prototype.

> Mitch Kapor is doing something similar to what you're proposing with his 
> Chandler (Interpersonal Information Management) project: 
>  He and his group have put 
> a lot of thought into this.

Thank you for sharing this link.

Mickaël Rémond

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