Erlang Farm (was: Re: Brain Dump #1)

Vlad Dumitrescu (EAW) <>
Fri Feb 7 15:43:39 CET 2003

> In which case a cookie with protected user on a Unix system 
> might work,
> but I still have to think that UBF would be better.

Especially for those of us not running on Unix! :-)

There was (is?) a project (or two?) that tried to see what can be done to implement SafeErlang, and IIRC there was some prototype too, but it was quite a lot of trouble to get everything right. Nothing for the faint of heart, in other words.

Using a regular TCP connection however, even if some cool stuff is no longer available, is simple and as safe as one can make it. Plus that one can also talk with non-Erlang peers, which is not to be disregarded.


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