Why no wiki'ing ??

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom <>
Fri Feb 7 10:57:23 CET 2003

>   Joe, you could always pull the trick I'm doing at work for concurrent
>   updates:  save a checksum of the original page in a hidden field while
>   the user is editing.  If the checksum no longer matches when the user
>   submits, show both boxes on a single page and let them merge by hand.
>   Or throw them off into a diff process and show the user the patch for
>   them to merge by hand.

Wow, that is very comfortable.
ZWiki is rude compared to that.
You might spent quite some time filling out the edit form, then
hit save and the system might tell you 
"sorry, someone else changed that page in the meantime"
and then you have 
- to hit back in the browser, 
- copy your stuff into the clipboard, 
- hit back again to see the old page, 
- hit reload to get a fresh page
- hit edit
- paste your stuff into the new edit box
- merge somehow
- hit save again

and if you are unlucky, someone else was quicker again and you
have to redo the edit dance. :)


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