Why no wiki'ing ??

Mickael Remond <>
Thu Feb 6 15:12:07 CET 2003

* Joe Armstrong <> [2003-02-06 14:14:32 +0100]:

>   Something is puzzling me - how come traffic on the Erlang wiki is so
> low?  -  once  upon a  time  Luke's  original  wiki was  buzzing  with
> interesting stuff  - it died (due  to hardware problem)  and has never
> really come back to life.

I think the Wiki is very easy to use, but when the documentation is growing,
the whole site become a little bit messy and hard to reorganize and handle.
Another problem is that a wiki is supposed to be a part of a collaborative
platform. It cannot replace a content management platform because it is putting
every thing on the same level (news, article, forum entry, tutorial, etc).
These type are important information for the user during search and navigation.
Forum entry, for example are not often last longing relevant information. On
the other, things like tutorial are more likely to be of interest a long time
after the publication. 

Internet user are accustomed with properly organisation and thought organisation of the content and informations are often hard to find on a wiki.

A content management solve this problem by allowing people to contribute in an
organize way (They can publish thing at some determined point in the hierarchy,
Classification and search can be made regarding the type of the document. 

So i think for this reason, it is hard to understand what is happening in a
wiki and this is a lot of work to organise the contribution with such a tool.

Mickaël Rémond

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