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Ulf Wiger <>
Thu Feb 6 14:58:43 CET 2003

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom wrote:

>Are you aware of the efforts to describe GUIs from an XML
>One approach is XUL, which is used in Mozilla.
>The idea has also been picked up to create Java GUIs:

Heh, cool.  (:

It looks fairly similar to a project we have here at AXD
301. I used xmerl to create a mapping towards our web-based
management system (see small example below) and we have
demonstrated a set of menus and pages using XML and CORBA to
build on our Erlang-based backend (Lars Thorsen did all the
hard stuff -- namely CORBA).

Perhaps some attempt to align with XUL is in order...

<!-- EVA Event Reg Info -->
<!-- Erlang code:
event_reg_info([UrlVars, Data]) ->
    Template = [[{type, index},
                 {link, {evaEvaMgr, change_event_reg_info}}],

                [{type, data},
                 {title, lms_name},
                 {title_help, {"1_1542-CNA121060", "CALName"}},
                 {align, left},
                 {title_align, left},
                 {value, ?'eventName'}],

                [{type, data},
                 {title, eva_ams_treatment},
                 {title_help, {"1_1542-CNA121060", "Treatment"}},
                 {value, ?'eventTreatment'},
                 {display_value, {evaEvaMgr, format, [eventTreatment]}}

                [{type, data},
                 {title, eva_ams_community},
                 {title_help, {"1_1542-CNA121060", "Community"}},
                 {value, ?'eventCommunity'}]

    TableAttr =
        [{template, Template},
         {rows, Data}],

    [{header, eva_ams_event_settings},
     {buttons, [reload, back, {help, {"1_15513-CNA121060","TRIS"}}]},
     {window_size, {600, 550}},
     {layout, [{table, TableAttr}]}].

<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <header string.ref="eva_ams_event_settings"/>
      <help link="1_15513-CNA121060#TRIS"/>
   <window_size width="600" height="550"/>
              <type value="index"/>
              <link eval="evaEvaMgr#change_event_reg_info"/>
              <type value="data"/>
              <title string.ref="lms_name"/>
              <title_help link="1_1542-CNA121060#CALName"/>
              <align value="left"/>
              <title_align value="left"/>
              <value integer="2"/> <!-- should be symlink to MIB value -->
              <type value="data"/>
              <title string.ref="eva_ams_treatment"/>
              <title_help link="1_1542-CNA121060#Treatment"/>
              <value integer="3"/> <!-- should be symlink to MIB value -->
              <display_value eval="evaEvaMgr#formatEventTreatment">
                 <argument atom="eventTreatment"/>
              <type value="data"/>
              <title string.ref="eva_ams_community"/>
              <title_help link="1_1542-CNA121060#Community"/>
              <value integer="4"/> <!-- should be symlink to MIB value -->
           <expand_xml eval="evaEvaMgrXML#rows"/>

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