Why no wiki'ing ??

Joe Armstrong <>
Thu Feb 6 14:50:57 CET 2003

  It will indeed - there is no concurrency locking - when I wrote it I
thought the traffic would be so  low that the chances of collision are
so small that I wouldn't bother.

  I did  write a version that  gave you a  lock for a few  minutes but
it's not that easy ...

  So yes - if  you spend a long time editing a  page and write it back
somebody  who got  in-between  with a  quick  edit may  be  in for  an
interesting surprise.

  This might happen - now - if *everybody* goes and tries to do what I
suggest at the same time :-)


On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Vlad Dumitrescu (EAW) wrote:

> good initiative!
> However, there is a problem: plenty of people are editing the page at the same time, and then the last store will overwrite all that happened in the meanwhile... wasn't it a lock on the pages when someone edited them?
> regards,
> Vlad

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