Brain Dump #1

Peter-Henry Mander <>
Thu Feb 6 14:20:12 CET 2003

Joe, you've put your finger on a project I definitely find worthwhile. 
I've lost count of the number of times I found currently available 
information tools to be wholly inadequate (Lotus Notes? Peuh-lease!! <:-P )

Storing, editing and retrieving information on a global scale is 
something Douglas Englebart has been struggling to deploy since the 
1950's at DARPA (the birthplace of the Internet and networked computing, 
email, the mouse and wysiwyg document processing, all under the guidance 
of Englebart), but no one has seriously listened to this visionary man 
because his ideas are still way ahead (the public only just got used to 
the mouse and wysiwyg in the 1980's, 30 years afterwards, an eternity in 
computing history!).

I am sure that Erlang is capable and accessible enough to achieve this 
goal, and more. You definitely have a brainwave here. I would love to help.

For the curious who don't know who Douglas Englebart is:

And his Open Hyperdocument System:

Check out the demo of 1968!


Joe Armstrong wrote:
> <brain_dump>
>   Just  for  fun  I  started  thinking about  what  applications  were
> attracting peoples attention  - so I did a  little thinking and looked
> round at what was capturing peoples mind-share - I decided therefore to
> investigate three different things that were popular. They were:
> 	- Zope
> 	- Jabber
> 	- Blogger


>   Here's what I'd like to do:
>   1) Merge together zope+jabber+blogger into ONE framework


>    2) Use the framework (the one above) so solve some worthwhile projects
> I three pet projects - which are all bubbling along (slowly) - and I'd love
> volunteers to help with these. I'll call them
> 	- store
> 	- find
> 	- publish


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