Why no wiki'ing ??

Joe Armstrong <>
Thu Feb 6 14:14:32 CET 2003

  Something is puzzling me - how come traffic on the Erlang wiki is so
low?  -  once  upon a  time  Luke's  original  wiki was  buzzing  with
interesting stuff  - it died (due  to hardware problem)  and has never
really come back to life.

  The current  wiki has  been running *continuously*  (I think)  for a
couple  of years -  it's at  http://www.bluetail.com/wiki/ -  the only
reason I can think of is that either:
	- people never find it, or,
	- they don't realize what it is when they get their, or,
	- they think the entire idea is silly

  I think this  is a great shame since the wiki  seems the ideal place
for collaborative work to take place -

  Can we  do an *experiment* -  I'd like everybody  who actively reads
this group do do the following: This will take about 2 minutes of your


   1) point your browser at 

      You will see a page

   2) Click on the "Edit Me" button in the top right hand corner

      A text editor window will appear

   3) Add your name to the page.

	At a minimum type

	Hello from "Your Name"

	(____ = four "underline" characters in column one)

   4) Press preview

      You will see the page

   5) Press store

      Your publish on the wiki

  That's it. If you have a URL to a  mug shot (picture) of yourself add
a reference - like I did - It would be nice to see who I'm talking to.


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