''illegal pattern'' when using records in case statement

Bengt Kleberg eleberg@REDACTED
Thu Feb 6 12:44:44 CET 2003

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> What your attempted pattern wants to test (i guess) is that "in case Dp
> is *the 'working_dp' element of* the 'prswDomain'-record Domain ...",
> but that would be equivalent to:
> 	case Dp of
> 	    element(5, Domain) -> ...
> To be more formalistic about why that can't be made into a pattern:
> patterns describe the static skeleton of the data (counting pre-bound
> variables as static), and a pattern like this one would not be static.

i get it. i tried to have a case ''target'' that was the result of a
''function call''. atleast that is how i interpret your explanation. the
talk about patterns is still over my head :-(


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