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Mickael Remond <>
Thu Feb 6 00:52:39 CET 2003

* Joe Armstrong <> [2003-02-05 16:32:16 +0100]:

>   If  you like  I  can *volunteer*  to  write some  new tutorials  and
> copy-edit any tutorials that other people might like to write.
>   If you like the idea you can do one of a number of things
>   1) suggest a new topic that interests you
>   2) volunteer to write a topic
>   3) vote for a topic on the list

Yes! That's great !

That's really what I meant when saying that collaborative effort could
push language promotion further.
Your tutorial is great and the article idea is nice.

What I can propose is to set up a very nice looking content management
platform that I used on several project to organise the work (As you
might implies that the wiki might not be a proper tool). The tools is
based on Zope and seems to do wonders to incitate the Zope community to
work together and contribute (see The content is
mainly provided by volunteers).

Every contributors can create an account and use the platform as an
expression space. For people wanting to publish on their site we could
simply link to the relevant page.

(I can provide details on the feature of the platform on demand.)

Anyway, the work can be organised in workgroups (and general Erlang
tutorial documentation is one of them).
Here is a first list of workgroups that could be interesting, relatively
to the many ongoing efforts that are happening these days in the Erlang
world. The list is obviously not complete but is a good start:

- Erlang OTP
  Listing and describing ongoing work on the distributions by the OTP
- Web developments
  => Yaws,
  => Wiki,
  => STL and other templating engines,
  => Other Erlang applications for the web.
- Erlang Framework 
  => Mainly OTP, behaviours and more generally Erlang development
- Generic clustering tools
    => TCPBalance.
    => Eddieware.
    => Do you know others ?
- Documentations
  Erlang tutor ?
- Packaging/Distributions
  => Stand Alone Erlang
  => Platform independant build system
  => Packaging tools
  => Hot code upgrade
- Development environment
  Extreme programming tools.
- Graphical User applications
  => Wings3D.
  => ?
- Quotes / Advocacy.
  => Reason to use Erlang,
  => User success stories,
  => Testimony.

Please, feel free to add new idea.

I hope the hosting problem will be solved very soon so that the platform
can be set-up quickly to start providing together a good a complete
overview of Erlang.

After the content management platform, I think the platform will
probably be set up to host live Erlang projects.


Mickaël Rémond

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