Erlang Extreme Programming & Refactoring, Was: non-telecom in erlang

Luke Gorrie <>
Wed Feb 5 16:35:11 CET 2003

"Eric Newhuis" <> writes:

> > What does it feel like to do refactoring in Erlang?
> Obviously you cannot use the C++ or Java cookbooks; one must understand the
> patterns and apply them.  There are many things like MoveMethod and
> RenameClass that fit well if you develop Erlang modules as ActiveObjects.
> InnapropriateIntimacy is there.  And One handles this by extracting a new
> module.
> Refactoring is so important to software because it is really all about the
> patterns.  You don't have to have a "traditional" OO language.  Refactoring
> works in Erlang!
> Refactoring will make you a better Erlang developer.  I can't prove it.  But
> I'll show you personally in our development environment the next time any of
> you are in Chicago.

In the next release of Distel we'll have some refactoring support in
Emacs. It already works in the CVS copy, in case someone wants to try
it out and give some early feedback.

Details are in a mail on the distel mailing list archives:


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