recommand any tool for testing and tracing of any app or a module in erlang

Francesco Cesarini <>
Wed Feb 5 12:17:15 CET 2003

Check out dbg, as it encapsulates the functinaliity of the trace and 
trace_pattern bifs in a somewhat user friendly text based tool. It will 
allow you to trace local and global function calls, message passing, 
manipulate data, monitor memory consumption, and much much more.

Graphic tools include appmon, to monitor applications, pman to monitor 
concurrency, and the debugger, to follow sequential code.

Other tools include eprof, coast (or cover, it changes name every other 
release), and seq_trace.

Browse through the manual pages. You will find everything you need.


Suresh S wrote:

> Hi ,
> Is there any best recommended tool for testing an
> erlang application, or any erlang module.
> Thanking u for ur time 
> suresh s
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