Embedded Erlang

Daniel Dudley daniel.dudley@REDACTED
Tue Feb 4 19:38:19 CET 2003

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Alan Littleford <alan@REDACTED> wrote in message
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Subject; Embedded Erlang

I'm looking for a language which lends itself naturally to a highly
distributed environment (lots of little networked devices running
uclinux and about 8-meg of ram, no mmu, of which I'd probably get 1-2
meg). Erlang looks ideal from a language point-of-view but I haven't
been able to pin down the embedding issues:

What is the smallest (practical) amount of RAM required for Erlang +
Apps? Is there a rule-of-thumb (xK for run-time + ~yK per K of erl
source) ?  Are there guideliness/howto etc for stripping Erlang down
-- anyone done it ??

Alan (Erlang newbie)

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