Client/server Bad value on output port 'tcp_inet'

Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi Chandrashekhar.Mullaparthi@REDACTED
Tue Feb 4 11:54:05 CET 2003


accsock:error Reasson einval

You are trying to send a tuple down the socket. It will accept only binaries
and lists.


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Subject: Client/server Bad value on output port 'tcp_inet'

Hello fabulous Erlang guys 

I'm using OTP R9-0 on a Win32 platform (winsock) W2K and XP

When I run a balanced client-server program ( attached below) the connection
phase is resolved with no problems.
But the data exchange never happens due to some strange error I have been
chasing now for a week or so, 
-until now with no luck.... :-(

in Desperation I loaded the program with debug outputs :  All the debug
output  give approx. this result on both sides when connecting from  'knud2'
to 'lhl-pc'

accsocket init <0.72.0>,knud2 6000 
accsocket: gen_tcp:connect(knud2,6000),{packet, 0},{active, true }
Connect error {reason,econnrefused} 
gen_tcp:listen (6000,[binary, {packet, 0}, {active,true}])
ok,ListenSocket  ListenSocket=#Port<0.118> info ={error,enotconn}
runing initServer got Connect Socket #Port<0.119> Info {ok,{{192,168,2,253},
GETACCTABLE Socket#socket.socket #Port<0.119> Data {[255,0,0,2]}
accsock:error Reasson einval

=ERROR REPORT==== 4-Feb-2003::11:23:55 ===
Bad value on output port 'tcp_inet'

- the ERROR thing  text is repeated for every data send attempt


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