Miguel Barreiro Paz <>
Tue Feb 4 11:06:48 CET 2003

>   I have for a long time  thought that this mailing list should have a
> more public face  - are there any  opinion for or against a  move to a
> usenet group or something else, for example a yahoo group etc.
>   Alternatively -  we could  keep things as  they are and  add gateway
> functions into other forums - we could also do stuff to increase
> chances that google indexes posting to this mailing list.

	My 2 (euro) cents: keep things as they are, and add gateways.
Usenet forums are incredibly crowded with spam (and harvested for new
addresses daily by spammers). Many news feeds also have a significant lag.

	Suggestion: a "mailing list" link on the left side of the
main page (where the "Documentation", "Examples", etc are).

	A google search of "erlang" returns in the first place.
A google search of "telecom development platform" returns Ericsson Review
(article on OTP) in second place, then OTP at next (no or, but not bad). But just turn that into
"telecommunications development platform" and the first erlang match is at
pos 19.



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