Erlang projects association

Valentin valentin@REDACTED
Tue Feb 4 08:26:25 CET 2003

> - We should not have limited this initiative to France.
Does this mean that your association did not attract the critical mass in
If so, why, in your opinion, it didn't?

> - We did not pay enough attention to the fact that promoting Erlang is
> currently a very difficult task without a proper understanding of the
> real expectations of both the users and the developers.

Maybe you should lead by an example, and tell us what are yours (personal)
expectations from such an organization/association.

> For the latter, the recent activity on this mailing list seems to
> indicate that we are not alone ;-)

Yup. Everybody is trying to make living.

>That's why we have decided to create an association to pragmatically
> work on those issues.

How does one work "pragmatically on those issues". Can you be a bit more

> The main goal of this association is to gather
> users and developers, both individuals and companies to work on projects
> that are needed to help us spread Erlang.

To what end? Maybe you should try to convince me (and maybe others) how is
my life going to be better if I "join the association". What would I gain
from spreading Erlang -- I understand only my reasons for doing it. I cannot
say that I understand yours... you must articulate it better.
In my view, an association can be successful only if the individual members
can align with the goals. We might as well help spread peanut butter on (or
to) China. And what would be the benefit of doing it?

> The first tasks will be to identify the major domains for which Erlang
> should shine. We will then start dedicated workgroups that will have to
> identify existing relevant projects and to help them go further.

I suppose you have funding for that?


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