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Jozsef Berces (QCZ) <>
Mon Feb 3 11:01:11 CET 2003

I have already implemented a small and simple code to generate PNG images. At the moment it supports B&W pictures only, but adding colors would not be too hard. Another limitation is that it does not use compression, so it is not that good for large images. I am posting it "as is". 


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I am trying to generate gifs in Erlang for my home hobby project
on my W2K machine.

On the home page, I found the package gif-1.0 published by Joe
somtime 1995-98. This package is dependent of the c-module gd1.1.1 
by Tom Boutell. 

Has there been any development in generating gifs since then?
And are we (Erlang) still dependent on C to do this? Anyone?

Peter Lund

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