gif-1.0.tgz ??

Scott Lystig Fritchie <>
Mon Feb 3 07:58:08 CET 2003

>>>>> "pl" == Peter Lund <> writes:

pl> I am trying to generate gifs in Erlang for my home hobby project
pl> on my W2K machine.

Must it be GIF?  How about PNG, JPEG and WBMP images?  I've got a
driver for libgd (see that's 95% done.(*)

See for the
source.  The driver is extensively documented as an Erlang Driver
Toolkit tutorial; I wrote it paragraph-for-paragraph while creating
the driver.


(*) There's an odd problem that I haven't solved with the regression
test for the gd example driver: sometimes the linked-in style driver's
output doesn't match byte-for-byte the pipe-style driver's output.
However, if you convert both files to JPEG (with same
compression/quality settings), they turn out identical.

Version 1.0-rc3 also has an unfixed bug in the "sample1" driver that I
also need to fix before a "real" 1.0 release.

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