gif-1.0.tgz ??

Wiger Ulf ulf.wiger@REDACTED
Sun Feb 2 17:33:25 CET 2003

I did start on an erlang-based gif package, but didn't quite manage to get
the LZW compression to work. This is not terribly easy using pre-bit syntax
Erlang, and may not be that easy with bit syntax either... LZW uses variable
word lengths, and I got lost in all the bit shifting across the 8-bit
boundaries of binary_to_list().

I don't know if you could use the built-in lzw compression that erlang
offers nowadays (I assume you could.) If so, I think I have a nearly working
gif implementation (AFAIR, the rest was reasonably easy.) No promises

I can send you what I have so far, but it may well be that there is nothing
in there you can use.


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> I am trying to generate gifs in Erlang for my home hobby project
> on my W2K machine.
> On the home page, I found the package gif-1.0 published by Joe
> somtime 1995-98. This package is dependent of the c-module gd1.1.1
> by Tom Boutell.
> Has there been any development in generating gifs since then?
> And are we (Erlang) still dependent on C to do this? Anyone?
> Peter Lund

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