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Sat Feb 1 13:41:52 CET 2003

On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 01:57:33AM +0100, Happi wrote:
> I think Richard C. or Björn G. can explain this better...
> ... but I'll give it a try, and they can fill in the blanks
> and correct my errors.
> The problem comes from the order in which things are done
> in the compiler.
> The compile options in the file are not parsed until
> after the linter is executed -- hence the linter
> will not see the warn_unused_vars flag.
> To get around this problem I have set
> to
> '[warn_unused_vars,nowarn_shadow_vars]'
> in my unix-shell.

Excellent, I've had problems with this as well but
never had the energy to investigate.

Furthermore, I warmly recommend the readers of this
list to start using these warn messages from the compiler.
It has saved me lots of boring debugging work.


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